About Pre & post surgical rehabilitations



Whether you are preparing for surgery or recovery post surgery our musculoskeletal physiotherapists have the expertise to optimise your surgery outcome.

Our expert physiotherapists are very experienced in post-operative recovery & rehabilitation protocols to accelerate you through the healing process and optimise your return to full function. They are very familiar with orthopaedic protocols and guidelines and will liaise as part of your surgical team.

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation (“Prehab”)

When surgery is indicated physiotherapy treatment can maximise your recovery during the waiting period. Treatment goals may include pain reduction, muscle strengthening to prevent atrophy (wasting due to dis use), soft tissue techniques to alleviate tightness, stiffness and maintain mobility. Appropriate supports and walking aids may be indicated and a specific exercise programme can be tailored to your needs.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation (“Posthab”)

Surgery, by its nature is a deliberate trauma to repair injured or damaged structures and will result in a degree of swelling, pain, stiffness and muscle wasting.
The recovery time following surgery depends on many factors including the nature of the surgery, the post-operative protocols, age and pre-operative conditioning.


Our physiotherapists frequently rehabilitate patients with the following surgeries:

  • Spine:
    • Partial discectomy (removal of disc bulge)
    • Foraminoplasty (removal of osteophytes irritating a nerve)
    • Spinal Fusion/decompression (removal of entire damaged disc with metal fixation)
    • Scoliosis Correction.
  • Hip:
    • Arthroscopies (key hole surgery) to repair cartilage lesions, labral tears, CAM & Pincher lesions
    • Hip resurfacing eg. Birmingham hip
    • Total Hip Replacement
  • Knee:
    • Arthroscopies (key hole surgery)
    • Menisectomies (removal of damaged cartilage)
    • ACL repairs
    • Total Knee Replacement
  • Foot/ankle:
    • Ankle arthroscopies to repair cartilage lesions
    • Achilles repairs
    • Fractures with or without metal fixations
    • Joint fusions
    • Bunion repairs
  • Shoulder:
    • Rotator Cuff Repairs (torn muscles are repaired or reconstructed)
    • Subacromial Decompression
    • Fractures
    • Total Shoulder Replacement


Every injury, surgical experience and patient are unique and although these surgeries are amongst the most common our practice promises to tailor a rehabilitation programme specific to the individual’s needs. Occasionally we get to see the more unusual injuries and surgical repairs & we relish the opportunities to apply our rehabilitation expertise.

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