About Neurology



Neurological rehabilitation is a specialised field of physiotherapy where we can asses and treat patients with neurological conditions or problems of the central or peripheral nervous system. Advanced clinical expertise and skills are required to effectively manage complex neurological conditions.

  • Detailed understanding of the neurological process
  • Knowledge of medical interventions (drugs, surgery, procedures)
  • Comprehensive Physical Examination
  • Movement analysis
  • Postural control analysis
  • Identify appropriate treatment options


  • Ataxia’s
  • Balance/Falls Prevention programmes
  • Concussion/Mild Aquired Brian Injury
  • Parkinson’s Disease & Parkinsonian syndromes
  • Nerve Injury – Wrist drop
  • Foot drop
  • Facial Palsy
  • Vertigo/vestibular rehabilitations
  • Headaches
  • Gait & Transfer assessments

All of the above can have a profound impact on mobility, function, daily activities, work & leisure pursuits. Fortunately many of these neurological conditions can respond positively to our treatment approaches. We employ our expert skills in movement analysis, skilful handling, resourceful problem-solving and functional rehabilitation to facilitate the optimal patient recovery.

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