About Functional Gym Rehabilitation



Following detailed initial assessment and examination, our expert physiotherapists will design an individualised and specific exercise programme to facilitate healing, exercise progression and return to full health.

Our clinic offers the latest evidence-based exercise protocols and uses modern rehabilitation equipment to include

  • pilates reformers
  • trapeze table
  • balance equipment
  • weights and resistance bands etc.

Your individual programme may range from home exercises, to specific equipment, to gym based to

clinical pilates, to sport or activity related functional exercises. We even offer the option of one to one treatment in water (“Hydrotherapy”). We liaise with coaches and trainers to ensure your optimal return to sport in a safe & timely fashion.

Please contact us for any strength & conditioning advice or return to sport fitness assessment

Your success is our success!

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We also offer specific packages of people that we know need more
specialized help at certain periods of your life.