Ergonomics & Work Place Assessments


Ergonomics & Work Place Assessments

Ergonomics is the science designed to minimise the demands of the work environment on the individual & thus improve performance & efficiency safely. The emphasis is on the worker’s welfare allowing for their individual capabilities and limitations in the workplace.

The goal of ergonomics is injury prevention by ensuring that work tasks, equipment used, information and environment suit the worker. Current legislation places an onus on the employer to provide a safe system & environment. All our workplace assessments are HSA compliant.

A typical desk based employee spends nearly 6 hours sitting at their desk. Prolonged periods of sitting particularly in poor postures can cause:

  • Spinal injuries (commonly neck & lowback)
  • Shoulder pain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Wrist pain e.g. Carpel Tunnel tendonitis
  • Muscle strain in neck & shoulder

It is essential that we ensure our work stations are optimally set up to maximise comfort & minimise physical stresses to our bodies.

For further information or to treat a work related injury please contact the clinic.

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