Bladder & Bowel


Bladder & Bowel

Our very experienced & specially trained team of Women’s Health physiotherapists will assess & treat you with an individualised treatment plan specific to your needs. Women’s Health issues may arise for a variety of reasons but the majority occur with pregnancy, such as pelvic floor weakness or incontinence.

Following a detailed initial assessment & physical examination (with an optional internal examination) you will be guided through a safe exercise programme to restore your body to its fullest health.

How can treatment help?

  • Rehabilitate pelvic floor muscle strength & endurance

  • Minimise leakages of the bladder & bowel

  • Rehabilitation for abdominal wall separation

  • Guided safe return to exercise.

  • Rehabilitate abdominal wall tone & strength

  • Advice on pre and post natal postures

  • Treatment & management of blocked ducts and mastitis

  • Management of pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions including:

    1. Pelvic pain

    2. Low back pain

    3. Thoracic or rib pain

    4. Neck/shoulder apin

    5. Abdominal pain

    6. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

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We also offer specific packages of people that we know need more
specialized help at certain periods of your life.